What happened in the clinical evaluation?

The faculty Hospital Ostrava in the Czech Republic carried out a clinical evaluation with two groups of patients. The first group was having radiation treatment to their head and neck, the second to their pelvis. Before using R1 and R2, all the patients had already had some radiation treatment. In the first group, many had had a painful reaction on their skin with some having serious skin distortion. The second group also had painful damage to their skin and some also had infections.

When both groups started using R1 and R2 there were immediate changes for the better. As the R1 Cooling Gel was applied, they all noticed a slight stinging for about 1 minute where their skin was most sore. After that, they felt a real cooling effect and significant pain relief.

The gel took about half an hour to soak fully into the skin. Later, when they used the R2 Moisturising Lotion, the pain relief continued. They carried on using the lotion whenever their skin felt tight and dry. In both groups the skin began to repair itself. All patients were able to continue their treatment without interruption.

Before treatment with R1 R2

Before treatment with R1 R2

After 16 days of treatment

After 16 days of treatment

Further studies

Attached are further studies into the effectiveness of R1 & R2 as a treatment for skin during and after radiotherapy treatment. The documents are in PDF format.

To best view the studies, we recommend downloading the PDF file to your computer. To do this, right click on the document, or ctrl-click if using a Mac. When the submenu opens, select “Save as. . . ” The file will be stored at the destination you select. Alternatively, left click on each study and it will open in your internet browser window.


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University Hospital Heidelberg Germany
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Oslo University Hospital, Norway
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Fakultni Nemocnice Ostrava, Czech Republic
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