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How to get R1R2

Available on NHS prescription from your GP

Waterjel R1 and R2 full treatment packs are available in the UK on NHS prescription, please ask your doctor, GP or pharmacist.

Available over the counter from your local Pharmacy

Please quote the following codes (your pharmacist will know what they are)


Six weekly pack:
PIP codes
R1:  356-4432
R 2: 383-4918

Smaller weekly treatment packs:
PIP code

If you are outside the UK please complete the contact us form, and we will advise you of the local stockist in your country.


For more information on related subjects and how R1 and R2 could help you, or for online stockists of R1 and R2, please visit the links featured below.

Please note that clicking on each link will open a new window in your browser, and will take you to an external website. All sites apart from the Waterjel site itself are not affiliated with R1 and R2 or Waterjel in any way.

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