What R1 does

The R1 cooling Gel regulates the temperature of the treatment area, reducing the damage to the deep skin layers caused by radiotherapy. Your nurse will put the gel on your skin as soon as treatment ends if this is practical. Or you will be able to apply the R1 yourself as soon as it is convenient.

R1 instantly cools any burning or irritation and gives lasting pain relief. You do not need to rub it in. You should let it soak in, which may take about 20 minutes. As it does so, it puts moisture back into your skin.

How to use

Apply all of the contents of the 6g sachets in a generous layer to the affected area. Do not rub into the skin. You may experience a mild stinging sensation for a short time after application. The gel is most effective when applied in a thick layer and allowed to remain in contact for a minimum of twenty minutes. Any residue may be gently removed.  Please be aware more than one sachet may be required per treatment depending on number of sites affected or size of area to be treated.  Please read the enclosed patient information leaflet before applying.


R1 is free from fragrance, parabens, benzenes, metals and antioxidants.

  • R2 (Six week course)
  • R1 (Six week course)