What R2 does

R2 soothing lotion is the second step in WaterJel Technologies R1 & R2 treatment. R2 acts to revitalize, strengthen and reinforce skin’s natural defences. The lotion is formulated to soothe, hydrate and smooth skin damaged by radiotherapy. R2 contains sunscreens to protect skin against the sun.

The R2 continues the pain relief of the R1 Cooling Gel. It makes your skin smoother and helps maintain its integrity under stress. It also helps protect you from the damaging effect of UVA and UVB, so you can go out and about as usual.

How to use

Apply the contents of the sachet to the irradiated area a minimum of three times a day and again at bedtime. Ensure skin is free of lotion before radiotherapy treatment. Please note that excessive rubbing or abrasion can irritate irradiated skin, R2 lotion should be applied gently into the skin. Continue to use R2 for at least two weeks following radiotherapy course.  Please be aware more than one sachet may be required per treatment depending on number of sites affected or size of area to be treated.  Please read the enclosed patient information leaflet before applying.


R2 is free from fragrance, parabens, benzenes, metals and antioxidants.

  • R2 (Six week course)
  • R1 (Six week course)