Here are a few things that people have said about using R1 and R2. If you would like to share your experiences with us, or if you have any more questions about using R1 and R2 please get in touch. Details are on the Contact Us page on this site.

Wendy, Cheshire, UK

« I used the R1 and R2 products as soon as I started my course of radiotherapy as a preventative measure against skin damage caused by radiation. I did not experience any burning or discomfort whatsoever at this stage. Unfortunately, a small area of skin which I inadvertently did not treat did react badly to the radiation. However, I persevered with the R1 & R2 products and lo and behold the skin quickly started to heal. It has now recovered and my oncologist ensures me that there will be no scarring. I underwent my radiotherapy in conjunction with chemotherapy, which automatically makes the skin more sensitive. The area where I applied R1 & R2 I had no reaction to the radiation at all which is very unusual. I think it is essential patients have access to such a fantastic product as R1 & R2, there is no need to suffer in silence! I thoroughly recommend R1 & R2 products for treating skin affected by radiation. »

Christine, Cheshire, UK

« I used R1 and R2 throughout my 15 days of radiotherapy plus for two weeks afterwards and was absolutely delighted with it. I experienced no pain, skin breaking, burning or toughness of the skin and was told by a consultant who was considering me for reconstruction that my skin was very compliant! The only thing I experienced during radiotherapy was a square patch covering my right chest, which looked like a light tan. I used the cream all over the area of radiation and also on my arm to ensure elasticity of my skin. I would highly recommend the use of R1 and R2 to anyone having radiotherapy and am so grateful for being introduced to it myself. »

Kerry, Guildford, UK

« I finished my treatments 3 weeks ago and am delighted to say the redness I developed over the 7 weeks has virtually disappeared. The R1 cooling gel felt very soothing straight after treatment and absorbed really well and felt great on my hot skin! R2 was again very easy to apply, it was really cooling and easily absorbed. I feltlike it was a moisturiser and was the last thing I did every night before I went to bed. The other good thing about R1 and R2 is that they didn’t make a mess and didn’t smell! I used aqueous cream before I received the sachets and I found it very thick and not very easy to apply. I am so pleased that all my treatments are over and feel really lucky that I had R1 and R2 as I had no real pain or cracked skin like they thought I might suffer from as I am a redhead with sensitive skin…so once again a very big thank you. »



Other Comments

« After application of R1, I immediately felt a cooling effect and relief. The relief and reduction of pain was significant and the subsequent pain was negligible. After application of R2 I felt hydration without any cooling effect. »

« After two days of R2 application the area at first was red (without pain), then redness stopped and the skin started to heal. After application of R2 I could feel significant hydrating effect without cooling effect. »

« Application of both products was very easy and I could apply them myself without any problems. My skin was, after some time of using R2 (supple) soft and flexible. I have not known any similar product specifically designed for the treatment of radiotherapy burns and nobody (pharmacists, doctors) could recommend anything to me, but this product did work. I can recommend it. »

« Application was very easy and I could apply both products without any problems. R2 could represent a wonderful help for all people with dry skin not only for these treated by radiotherapy. »

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