Cancer Support Groups In The UK

7th December 2017  

Cancer Support

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is difficult and there will be times along your cancer journey when you feel that you need external support and advocacy from people with experience. Cancer support groups offer much needed medical support and information, daily living advice, contacts within hospitals and even help with financial management whilst you are ill. The quote below from Shez, one of Macmillan’s nurses says it all,

Cancer can affect all areas of life, but I’m there at every stage.’

cancer support groups

Different Types of Cancer

Some types of cancer have their own, specific support groups, for example Pancreatic Cancer UK but there is also general cancer help available from organisations such as Macmillan Cancer Support.

Support for Carers

There are almost 1.5 million people in the UK looking after someone with cancer. This can, in many ways, be a difficult job and most cancer support groups aim to also help cancer carers, who often find that their work and family life start to suffer when they take on their caring role.

Cancer Support Map

The good news is that there is support for cancer patients and their carers right across the UK. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right support in your area, which is where our Cancer Support UK map comes in. We have collected together a selection of support groups in each area of the UK and added them to our interactive map.

How to Use the Cancer Support Map

The map is easy to use, simply zoom in on your area and click on a marker to find information and contact details for each cancer support group. If you are looking for support with a specific type of cancer, click on the coloured icons to find support near you.



Cancer Support Groups in the UK

There are many cancer support groups across the UK. Find out more about a few of them below:

Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support work with people with cancer and their carers to provide both medical and practical care and offer advice on financial support.

Marie Curie

Marie Curie run a nationwide nursing service, which cares for patients in their homes, free of charge. They also run 9 hospices across the UK.

Maggie’s Centres

Maggie’s Centres are located across the UK. Each centre is run by specially trained staff and is linked to an NHS cancer hospital.

Action Cancer

Action Cancer offer cancer information and support in Northern Ireland. Their services are free and include a mobile early detection and screening unit, a full-time clinic and one-to-one counseling.