Here are a few things that people have said about using R1 and R2. If you would like to share your experiences with us, or if you have any more questions about using R1 and R2 please get in touch. Details are on the Contact Us page on this site.

Galemarie K. – Arizona

“The product has worked wonderfully. I barely looked pink after 6 weeks; just some minor irritation from stitching and clothing material. I credit the product for a good portion of the positive appearance of the skin and will continue treatments to that area.”

Thomas G. – Missouri

“I am currently receiving radiation treatments for facial skin cancer. Your products, R1 and R2 are just wonderful. Other radiation skin products just do not compare to your line of products. Thank you very much!”

Donald M. – Fair Lawn, NJ

“Up until the fourth week of my radiation treatments for cancer (Approx. 20 visits), I did not have a problem with my skin from the radiation. Things changed quickly, and not only did my neck redden, but I got burns on my collarbone and shoulders. So after each treatment I immediately put on your Radiaderm™ cooling gel (normally 2 packets), and applied your soothing lotion in the afternoons and evenings. It worked wonders. The pain subsided, and the redness faded and then completely disappeared. Radiaderm™ worked so well that I gave samples to the Head of Radiation Oncology and his nurse. Hopefully they will consider it for use, as they only give out a list of OTC moisturizers that have many uses. I showed him that Radiaderm™ is specifically designed to alleviate the pain and burns that are side effects of radiation treatment, and that’s what sets it apart from the others.”

Tina L. – Los Angeles, CA

“My skin was RED-RED, sore with burns when I asked my nurse if there were anything else she could give me. (I had been using half Aquaphor and half Hydrocortisone cream). I even had to delay my radiation treatments, which affected my personal schedule and I had to miss a wonderful trip I had planned with my husband and friends! Well, my nurse had just received samples of Radiaderm™ and gave them to me to try as one of her first patients. I said, “Fine, now I’m a guinea pig!” But what choice did I have? It was getting worse and worse. The cooling gel really helped relieve the burning, and the lotion was soothing and helped me with the itching and tightness. I still use the lotion after I exercise and have been sweating a lot – it relieves the itching feeling I get in the area that was irradiated. Radiaderm™ really worked for me when nothing else did and I’m sharing this testimonial so that other patients might benefit and avoid what I went through.”

Rita Casey – Putnam County, NY

“I am in my fifth week of radiation therapy and found you on the Internet after searching for something to help my skin handle the treatments. I told my radiologist and his nurse ordered samples. He is so pleased that it worked for me and he is giving out samples to his other patients. We all agree it is the BEST. I am now your product’s biggest advocate. However, I wish it were easier to find in drugstores. They do not carry it and neither does my hospital pharmacy. I’m hoping my doctor will tell Administration to order Radiaderm™ for Putnam Community Hospital, Carmel, New York. I am using only the R2 soothing lotion now. Today is my 6-week checkup with my radiologist and I want to show him the great results. My skin is in great condition and looks wonderful! I am going to continue to use R2 lotion as daily enhancer. Your product needs to get out there—I will do my best to spread the word. Thank you so much for Radiaderm.”

JSF – Jamaica, NY

“R1 Cooling Gel is an excellent skin care product and I highly recommend it. However, my doctor did not tell me about it until I asked for something to help me with the soreness and burning. I am giving this testimonial so that I can help someone not to experience what I went through. I wish I was introduced to this product from Day 1 of my radiation treatments. R1 Cooling Gel combined with R2 Soothing Lotion……truly a 5 star skin care products.”

Becky D. – St. Falconer, NY

“I highly recommend R1 be put on immediately after each radiation treatment to keep your skin cool. Radiaderm’s a really good system to use when you are going through such a rough time.”

Priscilla R. – Mayville, NY

“Radiaderm™ is amazing – I really liked the combination of the 2 products – the gel and the lotion. I used another product at first, but it was really sticky and I didn’t like it. Radiaderm™ gave me wonderful results.”

S.B. – St. Petersburg, FL

“I was very pleased with the Radiaderm™ system – It really helped me, especially when my skin felt so hot and burning – it was cooling and really helped take the heat out.”

N.B. – St. Petersburg, FL

“My husband’s skin was really affected by his radiation treatments and he even had to interrupt his treatments and take a break. I was so happy to find a skincare system that could help him and give him some cooling relief.”

Helen L. – Cincinnati, OH

“I didn’t find Radiaderm™ until the end of my treatment when I had some bad burns. It was a life-saver. What I have to say is use it as much as you can! It was fabulous to use and it still is: Three month’s later, I’m still using both R1 Cooling Gel and R2 Soothing Lotion when I feel a tightness or a really dry area or an itch. It seems to help – instantly. R1 quickly absorbs into the skin and then R2 feels really great.”

B.W. – Weslaco, TX

“I tried 2 other products first, but Radiaderm™ was the ONLY thing that relieved my radiation burns. It did what it said it would do.”

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